Q. What kind of hand soaps can I use in buru-buru?

A: Buru-buru works with most foaming hand soaps out there, while non-foaming handsoaps require a 1:1 dilution with water. We have done extensive testing and confirmed that these few common brands work really well.

Brands that work well with buru-buru:

1. Dettol
2. Lifebuoy
3. Method
5. Kirei-Kirei


Q. How big is buru-buru?

A: Buru-buru is 12cmx10cmx15cm (Length, Breadth, Height)

Q. How do I power Buru-buru?

A: Buru-buru uses 3x AA batteries

Q. Will Buru-buru make a mess in my sink?

A: Buru-buru has an angled, motion-activated nozzle that releases a directed stream of bubbles. This stream of bubbles is aimed towards your hand, ensuring a controlled and even coating of soap. Bubble activation cuts off immediately after moving your hand out of the way, reducing residual bubbles that may land all over the place.

Q. How will the super early bird discount work?

A: If you joined our waitlist, we will send you a reminder before the launch date so you know exactly when Buru-buru is available for Kickstarter backing. Upon the launch, a ‘super early bird backer’ reward will be made available. This reward will be available only for a very limited time. Please select this reward as soon as we launch, so you will be able to enjoy the 30% discount special!