Buru-buru is run by 3 passionate industrial designers. It is a labour of love and toil - and countless hours of playing with bubbles. Our adventure began in August 2021, when the three of us sat down to talk about a possible Kickstarter project. We found that we had something truly special in the idea of applying bubbles - otherwise novel, ethereal, fun playthings - to practical contexts and use cases. Buru-buru was born - a dream to create a soap dispenser that could turn any ordinary handsoap into bubbles instantly. After hundreds of hours of design work, one too many cups of coffee, and approximately 98430 popped bubbles later (we didn't actually count), we are on the cusp of launching buru-buru on Kickstarter!

Help us make Buru-buru a reality, and make hand washing something magical that kids can look forward to. ✨ 

With love, and lots of bubbles,

- Yijing, Zixin, and Lucas

Meet the team!